Cooking Oil Recycling

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At Cloudburst, we know that many businesses in the Pacific Northwest want to lower their carbon footprint while also benefiting their bottom line. Our company allows you to continue business as usual while recycling liquid your waste into clean fuel.

No Waste

All liquid waste we collect is recovered for local production of biodiesel or methane energy. Clean water and residual food are used for agriculture.

Standards Met

Our cooking oil recovery meets all government standards for collection, transportation, and recovery. The City of Portland prohibits pouring cooking oils down the drain or in garbage or compost containers.

100% Recycled

We have been an innovative leader in recycling since 1975. Our grease trap and recycling program has closed the loop – recovering waste for the benefit of the environment.

Green Practices

Instituting simple green practices like keeping waste cooking oil, fats, and grease separate for recycling can save your business money and benefit the environment.

Clean Water

Proper handling and recycling helps to keep Portland’s sewers flowing, our rivers clean, and our solid waste and composting facilities working as they should.

Clean Fuels

Used cooking oil can be processed into a feedstock for energy production. When market conditions allow, Cloudburst provides rebates or credits for full-service grease trap customers.


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