Grease Traps

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Grease Trap Services

Cloudburst provides grease trap cleaning services for the food industry in the Portland Metropolitan area. Cities require that restaurants do proper grease trap maintenance; fining any compliance failures.

Our service provides regularly scheduled maintenance and reporting to keep you in compliance with government regulations and reporting requirements. The frequency of service depends on the needs of the customer. You set the schedule, and we do the job.

Cloudburst Recycling schedules with city inspectors and takes care of all required reporting on your company’s behalf. When your business works with us, you no longer have to worry about grease trap maintenance or compliance.

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Cloudburst Recycling grease trap cleaning Portland OR
Cloudburst Recycling grease trap cleaning Portland OR

How Grease Traps Work

A grease trap reduces fats, oils, grease (FOGs) and solids – like food particles – in the water that flows out your drain and into the municipal sewer system.

Wastewater washed down the drain from sinks, dishwashers, and floor drains first passes through the grease trap. Here, FOGs float to the top and solids settle to the bottom of the trap. The grease trap gradually fills and must be pumped out periodically. If not serviced often enough, the flow will become restricted, causing drain back-ups.

Without a grease trap and regular maintenance, FOGs and solids would be forced out the sewer outflow. They would also coat your drain pipes, causing clogs, and stoppages. In the end, the sewer lines would back up and your drains would clog – resulting in flooding and a stinky mess!

Cloudburst Recycling - Grease Trap Cleaning- How grease traps work cleaning Portland OR

We keep your kitchen running the way it should…
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Why choose cloudburst

It’s easy to keep things working… if you know what to do.

Your Portland business wants to keep drains clear – and stay in compliance with city and county regulations. Cloudburst Recycling provides a green solution to manage your kitchen’s liquid waste, from grease trap and drain maintenance, to cooking oil recovery.

Customer Responsive Service

Cloudburst provides grease trap cleaning services and compliance reporting on a regular basis. Our service schedule is solely dependent upon the needs of the customer.

Prevent Backups

Regular, professional cleaning and maintenance of your grease trap helps to keep your grease trap clear of debris and your drains flowing.

Zero Waste & Renewable Energy

All liquid waste we collect is recovered for renewable energy. Grease trap wastes are recovered to produce biodiesel or methane gas for electricity. Residual clean water and food wastes are used for agriculture.

Professional Service

Our service is prompt, reliable, courteous, efficient, economical and effective. We answer our phones and respond promptly to messages.


We keep you in compliance with government standards. We provide all required government reports and schedules and communication with county and city inspectors, so you don’t have to do it.


Cloudburst is a qualified member of the Preferred Pumper program. With Cloudburst service, your county and city know that your grease trap and drains are maintained in compliance with requirements.

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