About Cloudburst

As of March 1, 2016, for residential garbage, recycling and yard-waste collection, or commercial collection or drop-box services, please call Heiberg Garbage & Recycling LLC at 503-794-8212 or 503-281-8075

Why Choose Cloudburst Recycling for Cooking Oil Recycling and Greasetrap Service?

First and foremost, we will give you the best combination of service and price.

If our proposal is not already perfect for you in every respect, we will sit down with you and work out any shortcomings to your satisfaction. Please give us the opportunity to address any concerns you may have. A successful business relationship is always fair and responsive to both parties, and is built on mutual trust and good will. You can count on us.

Pioneering Environmental Solutions.

Cloudburst is Oregon’s oldest multi-material recycling collection service, established in 1975. We have a long list of accomplishments to our credit. We approach our work as both a business and an opportunity to create environmental innovations.

Dedicated to Quality Service.

Our staff is always responsive to your needs as our customer. We are courteous, considerate, cooperative, reliable, and available. Several of our employees have been with Cloudburst for over a dozen years, some over 28 years. We can usually come up with creative solutions to the most challenging problems. We always try.

Honest Business.

We keep our word. We are law abiding. We pay our Metro, City and DEQ disposal fees. We actually recycle what we say we do. We take integrity seriously.

Locally owned and operated.

We are a contributing member of this community, and a supporter of those who strive to serve progressive principles and human decency. As an owner-operated family business, we are small enough to value and respond to each of our customers. But we are also big enough to effectively serve all your waste & recycling needs.

We Serve Your Neighborhood Already.

You may have noticed our garbage and recycling vehicles will be on your street. This means no additional trucks on neighborhood streets.

Major (recent) Accomplishments include:

  • Help organize City of Portland Food Waste collection pilot program (2001). Currently providing full-service foodwaste/organics collection for composting.
  • Pioneering development of alternative fuels from waste vegetable oil.
  • David McMahon (president and GM) received Special Recognition Award from the Association of Oregon Recyclers, for outstanding leadership and accomplishment in the field of recycling (2000)
  • Conduct Metro Vermiculture Food Waste collection/composting program (1999)
  • Founding board member Oregon Recycling Systems, wholly owned by local waste hauling businesses, which processes about half of Portland residential co-mingled recycling and significant volume of commercial recycling (1995-present)
  • Founding board member of Eastside Recycling, a co-operative organization providing residential recycling services for nearly all small local garbage companies (1992-present).
  • One of the first companies to offer Food Waste collection route for composting.
  • Now providing Used Vegetable Oil Collection for use in Biofuels.
  • We use biodiesel in all of our Solid Waste and Recycling Service trucks.